Why I Teach

I love to teach because I love to learn. I learn as much from teaching as I do by reading or studying, though in different ways. Working with fellows, residents and medical students keeps me sharp and at the top of my game. It requires a thorough knowledge of current medical research and also calls on the wisdom I’ve gained during decades of medical practice.

The questions asked by young doctors and students can sometimes expose assumptions and preconceptions that I, and other experienced colleagues, may have developed over the years.  Seemingly basic questions can get at the heart of a problem and cause me to re-think my usual way of doing things. In that moment, it may be hard to say who is the teacher and who is the student, when we are both learning from the discussion.

In order to teach well, I must welcome and encourage honest questions, and use them as a stimulus to refine and improve my own habits and practice. I consider this pattern of ongoing learning to be a cornerstone of my medical practice.

Education is a journey. If you are curious by nature, the journey never ends.

  • Dale Daniel Sports Medicine Fellowship (Fellowship director 1992-2006)
  • Volunteer Faculty, Orthopedic Research, UCSD
  • Volunteer Faculty, UCSD Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy Anatomy Course