This site is a home for my practice and patients here on the Web. It's also a place where you can reach out to me to begin a conversation about your health, and how I might be able to help.

I have learned from decades of orthopedic practice that it is absolutely essential to listen to and understand how your problem affects your life. Together we can then make a plan to address the problem most effectively. Many problems can be addressed without surgery. Others let us try simpler treatments first in order to fix your problem. If surgery is needed, I will tell you the potential benefits, the risks, and the expected outcome. I employ minimally invasive surgical techniques whenever possible, and employ the latest in anesthesia, in order to minimize surgical pain and scarring.

I use the most current scientific knowledge, my hard earned experience and your specific circumstances in the way that is most likely to help you. In my experience, understanding your outlook is the most important part of this process because it is crucial to getting on the same page regarding your goals and the expected outcome of treatment. For that reason, I have learned both French and Spanish to increase my ability to communicate with patients and colleagues from around the world.

I choose not to participate in insurance plans because many problems simply require more time and patience to figure out and I find those cases very interesting and rewarding. The brief and pressured time slots of most medical practices don’t work for my practice style. By not participating in insurance plans, both you and I have the luxury to take the time to listen, hear, explain and cooperate in setting and achieving goals. If your problem isn’t being addressed by your one-size-fits-all insurance plan I would be happy to offer a second opinion.